Get Healthy

Balancing Your Life

Achieving true balance in life is not easy, and in fact, is only attainable for short periods of time for most people.  What we can hope to do is become aware and conscious of ourselves, others, and our environment so that when our lives get out of balance, we can first recognize it and then take steps to bring things back to center.

When we think of health, many people first think of the physical body, and of course, that is central to our well-being.  But how we "feel" at any given moment depends on not just physical health, but on the emotional, psychological and spiritual as well.  Neglecting any one of these for an extended period of time will often create a feeling of disharmony, that something is not "right."



Resources--Lisa's Favorites

With the amount of information available to us about healthy foods and supplements, beauty products, exercise, holistic courses and more, it is helpful to have a place to go to get sound information.  The folllowing websites can help you navigate the web to insure you are getting the best, most up-to-date information.

Beauty products               

What you put "on" your body is as important as what you put "in." Dr. Christine Farlow researches ingredients in beauty products and categorizes them based on their effect on your health.

Gluten-free Products

With so many people sensitive to gluten and suffering with Celiac Disease, gluten-free options are now available in health food stores and on-line.  Check out some of these:,,

Gluten-free Recipes

Professional and home bakers have been busy.  Here are some ways to make gluten-free dishes and baked goods at home:,,

Green Living                    

"Eat, shop, live green guide." Includes blogs, recipes, news, green business directory and ratings of a lot of products.

Also check out

Healthy cooking classes- NYC

Annemarie Colbin's school not only teaches healthy cooking but also has classes on the relationship between food and a variety of health issues.

Healthy recipes                 

While many magazines profess to be "healthy," Eating Well comes closest to using ingredients that are truly health-ful.  And they have beautiful photographs!

For those who have food allergies or sensitivies, try

Holistic classes - NYC        

If you live in or near the New York City area, the Open Center provides a variety of courses to satisfy your intellect, nourish your body and feed your soul.

Medical questions/recipes  

As one of the first medical doctors to embrace "integrative medicine," Dr. Andrew Weil bridges the allopathic and holistic communities.  You can also find lots of recipes on his site.

Another good resource for medical advice, environmental toxins and cutting-edge nutritional information is  Be aware that Dr. Mercola also promotes products he has found which support his research, but generally, I have found him to be ahead of the curve with important information.

Retreat center: Omega      

Located just a couple of hours north of New York City, Omega has been on the forefront of holistic education for decades.  They provide a sanctuary for study and healing. Be sure to check out their conferences in major cities throughout the year.

Retreat center: Kripalu      

Kripalu is located in the Berkshires, and is another wonderful retreat center.  They specialize in yoga studies but also have many other programs.




Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle leads to:

    * Improved sleep

    * Fewer colds

    * More energy

    * Better relationships

    * Feelings of well-being


Be Aware:

There is a lot of information and advice about diet and lifestyle on the internet, in books and magazines, on talk-shows--everywhere you look. Always consider the source of information and who might be sponsoring the research, website, etc.

Helpful Tip

When you're feeling stressed and are reaching for that favorite sweet or comfort food, drink a glass of water, go outside for a walk or listen to a favorite song. You will often find the urge has passed.