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How many of us struggle to keep up with responsibilities, information and our social networks?  Wasn't all this technology supposed to simplify things?

Between emails, texts and tweets, and a few phone calls here and there, we barely have a moment to ourselves, much less the ability to think clearly about what we eat, drink and use on our bodies. Our health, however, depends on being aware of all these things. It's a lot to keep up with, and working with a coach can provide the knowledge and support, and be a critical first step on the road to living life feeling well and nourished--in all ways.

Feel Healthy, Rejuvenated and Balanced

Health has many components--physical, emotional, mental, and  spiritual-- and often changes as we go through our lives.  After a certain amount of life experience, we begin to see where to place our focus, and begin to nurture that part of ourselves.  As we continue to grow, we walk more firmly on our path, which we hope will lead to the fulfillment of our purpose, our lives and ourselves.

If you are searching for answers to live a healthier, more balanced life; want to improve your diet or deal with digestive issues; or want to get to know that voice of truth inside you,  Lisa can help.






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Soul Gardening I

For health coaches and wellness practitioners.  Learn how to connect with your innermost self and use your wisdom and intuition to guide you in your everyday life.  By connecting with the body and becoming more present, you will slow down time, enjoy your life and feel more at peace.


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What is a "balanced life?"
Is it when all the different parts of our life are working?

When was the last time everything was working for you? Is true balance even possible?

Lisa helps clients, wherever they may be at the moment, to move forward on their individual path and to integrate the different parts of themselves.

"As a result of working with Lisa, I have made many small changes in my life, such as finding more time for myself and cooking more nutritious meals, which have made a big difference."
--Kathy M.